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Stephanie who started painting at the age of 8 was a fine artist of extraordinary talent. She grew up in Philadelphia to a family of Jewish persuasion, she was very proud of her Jewish upbringing. So when in her 20's at the prime of her Artistic Life she painted 3 absolutely fabulous paintings which showed her devotion and Love for her spiritual upbringing. Every time her beloved husband looked at these oil paintings he deemed that they belonged in a Museum. We are now offering quality copies of her works in a variety of sizes at very reasonable prices through Fine Art America. Both Art Prints and Canvas Prints are available as well as many other products. A welcome addition to any Synagogue or Judaic Home. Experience the beauty of these Museum quality images in your home or Synagogue.

Hebrew Art Images
The ToraH

Original 22"x28" Oil on Canvas painted in 1965 under her Married name "Stephanie Pincus"


The Rabbi

Original 18"x24" Oil on Canvas painted in 1963 under her Maiden name "Stephanie Fagan"


The Spinster

Original 24"x30" Oil on Canvas painted in 1963 under her Maiden name "Stephanie Fagan"


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Prints We offer --Quality Art and Canvas Prints through Fine Art America in a variety of sizes.



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